Kicking out time

A little while back Doghouse decided to investigate crowd-funding – ultimately to help increase exposure, distribution, and readership of the pub title. It was (quite possibly) one of the most difficult things I've done in a long while... next to rattling off a Doghouse presentation to a packed independent-magazine crowd at Printout, in Shorditch – this time sat on my lonesome in front of a video camera for (quite literally) a whole week, saying the same thing over and over again. And I only needed one minute of usable footage: easier said than done.

The end result, embedded within the composed Kickstarter pledge site, can still be visited and observed, by clicking here, where you'll quickly learn that 17 backers pledged £515 out of the £8000 target. In a nutshell this means funding was unsuccessful.

However, if nothing else, the Kickstarter process allowed me to overcome the fear of speaking to camera – just about – though the errors are slightly more amusing than the final edit. See below.... though please be warned: it is really best avoided if you shy from the repeated phrase '****ing hell'.