Feeling Ernest

I was fortunate enough to meet Abi Whyte from the then soon-to-be-launched Ernest Journal at last year's Ludlow Food Festival; at the Doghouse pop-up pub. Thankfully we stayed in touch, and therefore very proud to announce that I've started a pub column for this fellow independent magazine.

To get the ball rolling I've started a monthly pub blog: the first being The Sun Inn, Leintwardine.

"He arrived early one evening to find landlady Flossie sat on her sofa watching Eastenders. Running the gauntlet for approval he was later instructed to help himself… walked through her living room and into the kitchen, where he found a pint glass, and turned the barrel tap. As he couldn’t quite fathom how to turn it off he quickly switched his full pint with an empty glass, and poured a second. By the time he’d figured what he’d been doing wrong he’d served himself no less than six pints. Putting his money onto the draining board, as you did, he proceeded to carry his round on a rickety old tin tray sheepishly past the landlady and into the right-hand room. "

You can read the article (of which originally featured in edition one of Doghouse) in its entirety  as well as plenty more interesting stories – by clicking the following Ernest link: http://is.gd/PuU1hG

Ernest screengrab.png